About Us

David and Ian at Ian's wedding
David (left) as the one of the two best men at Ian’s (right) wedding. Photo credit: Jaicee Morgan of http://jaiceemorgan.com/

David (aka Migs)

My first inkling of the Sharks growing up was the knowledge that my uncle was a big fan and would go to a decent amount of games. For some strange reason, I also remember that we had one of those souvenir soda cups somewhere in my house that held a toilet scrubber or something like that (how sad). I remember that I watched my first full game with that same uncle my freshman year of high school. It was the 2006 season opener against St. Louis and Patrick Marleau was still the captain. That memory is still fondly nostalgic to me. Ian brought me to my first Sharks game at the Tank where they dominated Calgary handily, winning 6-3. With the dousing of those Flames, the flame inside my heart for the Sharks was born. Maybe this flame was a bit too strong at first, because I got so intense at that first game that Ian felt self-conscious of being next to me. Like Ian, I immediately started following the team regularly and intensely. It’s been a few years of some great highs and some terrible lows for the team, but I dream of the day the Sharks will hoist the cup.


I grew up in San Jose, CA and somehow went 16 years without ever seeing anything more than a glimpse of the Sharks. Then in high school, I watched my first game, and just like that, the scales fell from my eyes, and I had seen the light. This was the greatest sport ever. How had I never seen this? I quickly made up for lost time, and read up on the game, rosters, trades, news— anything I could get my hands on. In college, I started playing hockey myself. After falling on my butt countless times, I respected their skating, stick handling, and outright athleticism so much more. I have since moved to Seattle, WA for work upon graduation, but miss my hometown Sharks dearly. Distance has changed nothing, except I get more excited when I see people wearing Sharks gear. The sports scene in Seattle is rival to few with the Seahawks and the Sounders, but nothing comes close to the Sharks at the Tank. If Seattle gets a franchise it will be adored, but my heart forever belongs to the Sharks.

Back to the Point

After nearly every game or bit of team news, we found ourselves chatting about the Sharks. These discussions were often prolonged and impassioned. After one of these talks Migs suggested we start a podcast. Whether it was a joke initially or not, we immediately knew it was something we both wanted to do. Thus was born Back to the Point.